AMP is a product used widely in the aircraft maintenance industry for the scheduling and tracking of aircraft maintenance.
This valuable tool gives real time reporting of aircraft status and detailed information on future maintenance scheduling.

AMP Overview.

AMP is an online maintenance and status tracking solution, based on Avdex’s STATUS, which is a powerful software application developed for the aviation industry. Users can add their aircraft to the online maintenance schedules, which will cater for the different types of maintenance scheduling, found on aircraft and notify the owners and their contracted AMO’s of upcoming maintenance.

A maintenance schedule is generated for each type of aircraft; these schedules contain the various maintenance items with standard maintenance periods. The item period can be a number of different types including: date, hours, cycles, recurring or once-off AD’s and service bulletins. Once an aircraft is linked to the maintenance schedule current overhaul and maintenance information must be captured as a base line for scheduling

With this information on hand, it is very easy to keep track of future maintenance requirements on the aircraft. Valuable reports can be generated to show the current status of all items in a maintenance schedule and the items that will be due shortly. These reports assist owners to schedule maintenance time and budgets.

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